My Boulangerie

My Boulangerie

Hi all!

Hope summer finds you well enjoying some great food!

Many of you may not know, but Im a Marseille native living in Paris for more than ten years now.

But, if there is one thing that is the same wherever in France you live, its the local boulangerie.

Every French citizen needs a good Boulangerie in his neighborhood, and sometimes, he is even capable of miles walking if the one that is in his place does not make exactly what he wants.

Of course, call it tradition or culture, most of all we go seek baguette, that great baguette with its slight crispy sounds under your knife when you’re having tartines, the one we buy every morning, especially on Sundays.

Moreover, we often buy croissants and pain au chocolat.

Speaking about croissant, have you seen that new trend of bi-flavored croissant ?

Sometimes, we go for a pain au raisins,

and our Boulanger liking culinary experiences, he makes one with pistachio and white chocolate cream, C-R-A-Z-Y T-A-S-T-Y.

Usually, I love a good éclair, the classical ones, vanilla or coffee flavored,

I eat them with a good strong coffee (crazy taste haha).

Finally (dont worry this list is going to end haha), a good boulanger in France will always make a seasonal tarte, meaning a tarte with seasonal fruits. 

We choose one with blueberries this time. It may not be the most esthetic pastry item, but trust me its crazy tasty once again haha.

So, where ever you stay in France, try the local boulangerie, you may be surprised ;)

Xo Liza