I am so undisciplined when it comes to my skin.

Actually, I would say even more : I’m the lasiest girl you may ever met regarding beauty routine.

Of course, thanks to my Mama, I have some pretty good genes that makes me have no wrinkle at all, even aged over 25.

Unfortunetely, there is something my skin may never keep : hydratation.

So, if there is one thing I do, especially in summer, its making sur my skin has enough hydratation, and when I mean enough, I mean A LOT.

I think I have one of the driest skin ever. I have a night and morning routine (scheduling is the key to my lasy ness haha), with great creams but still if I miss couple of days, especially after beach time, my skin comes back to a level of dryness that I hate.

I love a great soft glowing skin, like a baby.

Considering I NEVER put fondation (I will write a post about it ;)), I love having that perfect baby face glowing skin that I finish with some cute strawberry blush on cheeks.

So, lets get back to my summer routine (one of them ;)), the whole Dior Hydralife skincare.

First of all, I LOVE the new packaging, the new line, younger, fresher, trendy-er.

I always loved the Hydralife products, but I got rid of the texture that I found a bit too heavy on my skin, plus the product was never really all into my skin, so I finally gave up on it.

Non of the less, to me the serum had exactly the same effect that the cream so totally Dior-un usefull;

So yes to the new packaging and to the new development : 

The main cream is less heavier, less perfumed (Dior beauty products are always way too perfumed) and has some complementary products such as :

The pink clay mask;

The fresh jelly mask;

The extra plump mask.

All three have great textures and perfumes.

The pink clay mask is by far my fav as its effect are amazing : I guaranty you your face will look like you had a vampire mask, its AMAZING.

The fresh jelly mask is not properly a mask as it does not hold on your skin like a true mask, I found it more like a face scrub, a good fresh one that leaves your skin peachy, which I Love.

The extra plump mask is not really for skins like mine but more for those of you that need a small lift up, I did it twice and really felt like my skin was pulped more.

Do I put them all the time on my skin ?

Nope. Everyday I put the cream sorbet after on a perfect clean skin.

At night, I put the serum, the new serum that really has the texture of a serum, very light and liquide, very fresh and an instant absorption. 

Once a week, I do a fresh jelly mask, always the same day, and same time, in the morning.

Once every two weeks, I pair it with the pink clay mask, same day, same time.

Once a every three weeks, I add the extra plump mask to this routine.

It really help my skin keeping its hydratation level and also the eventual tan I get from my summer vacation.

Hope you find all this little tips usefull, feel free to leave you mine in comments :)

Xo Liza